Factors That Could Increase Your Risk Of Suffering From Mental Illnesses

Admitting you are having a hard time with maintaining your mental health is a challenge. However, disregarding it completely and moving on in life even when you know you are having a hard time is not something you should ever consider as a choice. This leads to increasing the risk of a further deteriorating your mental health to extremes. Here are some such factors that could increase this risk.

Stressful situations

In life we come across all sorts of experiences. Some good, some bad and some absolutely horrible. The way we deal with deal it varies from person to person. This determines how such situations affect that person as well. If you deal with whatever situation you encounter positively on your own or with the help of a psychologist Ashburton, the chances of suffering from the side effects of stress is less. However, if you end up letting it take control of your entire life and everything else, it is only going to lead to depression and all other sorts of extreme mental illnesses.

Diseases and illnesses

For most people who suffer from ailments like paralysis or diseases like diabetes, depreciating mental health conditions are almost expected. Especially if these people have been rather active throughout their life in sports and whatnot, the inability to do so now gets to them mentally. Sometimes it is to a point where they lose all reasons to even live. For such persons getting counselling will help a lot in reducing the way their current situation takes control of their entire life.


Trauma is an experience that we all go through at some point in our life. But the extent of the trauma we experience may vary from person to person. While for some this may be something small for others it is something they struggle with throughout to overcome. Yet what remains common is that this trauma creates a change in a person’s life forever. Not finding the right ways to cope and overcome it leads to depression, anxiety, panic attacks and whatnot. It could also mean people finding wrong methods of coping like drugs, partying etc.

Abuse and harassment

A history of abuse and harassment is another factor that has ruined the mental health of many. While they are only victims in a helpless situation, letting such situations take control of your life isn’t healthy. It is obviously going to take some time to heal from the haunting memories. But it is essential to find the right methods of coping to avoid suicidal thoughts and whatnot. Life has its ups and downs. It might be kind to some and horrific to others, but if it were to remain the same, you’d probably die! So think of every horrible moment as a passing situation that wouldn’t matter at all over the years to come!