Pros And Cons Of Retirement Villages

Many of you are already familiar with the concept of old homes and retirement homes, but there is something new that is gaining popularity day by day. Every now and then we see an advertisement for lavish villa’s style homes with luxurious lifestyle, this is what life at retirement villages is all about. Unlike its name, retirement villages are not your average village. It is a complete community of residencies with all the required facilities to lead a happy content life. People heading towards old age often feel the urge of settling down somewhere peaceful, thinking of spending the rest of their lives at a farmhouse and this is exactly what retirement villages provide and that too in less cost. Old age folk now tend to save up a chunk of their life earnings in hopes of settling down into one of these retirement villages and spend the rest of their lives peacefully. 

People who are intrigued by this idea but still are a little skeptical whether they see themselves living in one of these facilities or not can make up their minds by giving a read to this write-up. Below are mentioned the pros and cons of these villages with brief detail, that will surely help you make up your mind.


  • Hassle-free life

Retirement villages are small scale communities that are away from the main cities and its hassle. Everything you might need or require is made available inside the gated community so that you do not have to face any hassle or hardship.

  • Like-minded company

One of the main grievances of old age is isolation. When children grow up they get busy in their own struggles and friends are occupied with struggles of their own. Finding like-minded and age-appropriate people becomes difficult which may be frustrating for old folks. Retirement villages are made especially to accommodate these worries as like-minded people and also age fellows all live together giving each other company and sharing strong bond.

  • Medical facilities

Retirement villages have on-call para-medic staff 24-hours a day for any inconvenience or medical emergency. Old age people should have the facility of getting medical attention in a matter of minutes and these communities take special care of this aspect.


  • Home-sick

These villages and communities are often made far away from the city to give a peaceful environment to its residents and tenants. This is a positive but for some people it counts as a negative. Elderly fellows have this immense urge to be loved by their families but living far away makes it difficult for the family to visit often, which in result makes the person feel homesick.

  • Costly

Living in these retirement villages New Zealand is not easy or cheap. The luxurious apartments and houses sure give a feeling of living in a resort or five-star hotel and it obviously comes with a price tag that is not always affordable to everyone.